Jürgen Snoeren

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Maritge Wielaard

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LINK – ‘always looking for a good story’


LINK publishers is an independent publishing house in general fiction and non-fiction, founded by Jürgen Snoeren en Maritge Wielaard in January 2013. LINK aims to publish about 25-30 titles each year.

LINK philosophy

Our philosophy is that modern readers are looking for a good story, whatever the genre, length or format. And in this day and age, readers want to be able to read their stories on whatever device they prefer. Therefore, we aim to publish Good Stories in all available formats, independent of genre.

What is a LINK book?

A LINK book has a plot driven story, well-rounded characters and a good concept. Or, as we call it: PCC (Plot, Character & Concept).

What is LINK looking for?

Atthis moment, we are mostly interested in fiction. Our main genres are: general (contemporary) fiction, thrillers & crime, literature, young adult, contemporary womens fiction (no genre chick lit), historical, SF & fantasy, cross-over.

Get in touch with LINK?

For all submissions and contract matters, please contact Jürgen Snoeren:


For all matters regarding marketing and sales, please contact Maritge Wielaard:


More contact information can be found here.